Following our relief measure of providing 1-month service fee waiver for customers, we continue to tide these tough times together with Hong Kong's disadvantaged individuals and households by offering 10,000 free broadband subscriptions for 2 years to ease their financial burden.

Services included with the 2-year broadband subscription:

^ Optional

Additional home telephone and IDD0030 services (with 30 free minutes per month) are also available for $10/month

Criteria for eligibility:

Must be a permanent Hong Kong resident and applicants must meet any of the following financial requirements:

Application procedures :

  1. Applicants should contact one of our partner organisations to submit their application
  2. Partner organisations will issue application code to eligible applicants upon approval of their eligibility
  3. Applicants will complete their information on the plan's designated website with their application code within 14 days
  4. HKBN will, upon receipt of the information, arrange: Installation (new customers) or plan switch (existing customers)

Application starts from 1 April, please contact our partner organisations

*Application period starts from 1 April 2020 to 31 August 2020. Subscription quotas will be distributed by the partner organisations monthly, totalling 10,000 subscriptions over the application period. Available while the quota lasts. HKBN reserves the right of final decision.


Terms and Conditions